What's New in Generative AI in 2023

Marian Villa
3 min readAug 18, 2023
  • Generative AI Documentation — HERE
  • Buil with AI — HERE

PaLM API & MakerSuite:

MUM to searchhttps://blog.google/products/search/introducing-mum/
LaMDA in the AI Test Kitchen https://blog.google/technology/ai/join-us-in-the-ai-test-kitchen/
Tune a model in Makersuite http://proceedings.mlr.press/v97/houlsby19a/houlsby19a.pdf
Generate embeddings through the PaLM API that can be used with downstream applications built with TensorFlow, Keras, JAX, and other open-source libraries.
Scale your generative AI application with Google Cloud Vertex AIhttps://cloud.google.com/blog/products/ai-machine-learning/generative-ai-for-businesses-and-governments

Google Cloud + AI & ML

Build generative AI applications quickly and responsibly — powered by Google’s most advanced technology

○ Generative AI example — Generate text, images, code, and more with Google Cloud AI - https://cloud.google.com/use-cases/generative-ai

Improve customer service with Contact Center AI’s virtual agents and conversational AI products like Speech-to-Text

○ Virtual Agent Tailored with Dialogflow — https://cloud.google.com/solutions/contact-center
○ Speech to Text — https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text

Build, deploy, and scale more effective AI models with our unified machine learning platform, Vertex AI
○ Vertex AI — https://cloud.google.com/vertex-ai

What generative AI offerings does Google Cloud have?

Vertex AI https://cloud.google.com/vertex-ai
Model Garden on Vertex AI https://cloud.google.com/model-garden
A. First-party models Foundation models.
B. First-party models — Pre-trained APIs:
○ Speech-to-Text — https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text
○ Natural Language processing — https://cloud.google.com/natural-language
○ Translation — https://cloud.google.com/translate
○ Vision — https://cloud.google.com/vision
C. Open source models:
○ ViT
○ EfficientNet
• AI Studio — Customize and deploy generative models — https://cloud.google.com/generative-ai-studio

First-party models — Foundation models:
PaLM 2: Google’s next-gen LLMhttps://blog.google/technology/ai/google-palm-2-ai-large-language-model/
Codey: Code completion and generation:
- Med-PaLM 2 for healthcare and life sciences: https://cloud.google.com/blog/topics/healthcare-life-sciences/sharing-google-med-palm-2-medical-large-language-model
- Sec-PaLM for security: https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/identity-security/rsa-google-cloud-security-ai-workbench-generative-ai
Imagen: Generate and customize images
Chirp: universal speech model

Generative AI App Builder https://cloud.google.com/generative-ai-app-builder
Introducing Duet AI for Google Cloud https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5TwQx60NXs

Duet AI for AppSheet — Create business applications with Duet AI for AppSheet using natural language.
Duet for Google Cloudhttps://cloud.google.com/blog/products/application-modernization/introducing-duet-ai-for-google-cloud
Duet AI for Google Workspace https://workspace.google.com/blog/product-announcements/duet-ai

  • Code assistance: Code assistance auto-generates code for creating a Google Cloud Storage bucket. Across Google Cloud, such as in Cloud Workstations, Google Cloud Console, Cloud Shell Editor, or via our Cloud Code IDE extensions for VSCode and JetBrains IDEs. It supports multiple languages, including Go, Java, Javascript, Python, and SQL.
  • Chat assistance (cloud services or functions): Provide architectural or coding best practices, helping reduce the need to search for relevant documents.

•Reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF).

•Larger language models do in-context learning differently

•The Prompt: Debunking five generative AI misconceptions

Top Google AI Tools for Everyone

For Developers
• TensorFlow — https://blog.tensorflow.org/
• ML Kit Firebase for mobile-only SDK — Repository for Dart and Flutter: https://pub.dev/

- Language Identification
- Text Recognition
- Image Scanning and Labelling
- Face Recognition
- Smart Replies
- Custom Model Integration with TensorFlow Lite
• Google Open Source: https://opensource.googleblog.com/
• Tensorflow Fairness: https://github.com/tensorflow/fairness-indicators
• Google Colab — https://colab.research.google.com/

For Researchers
• Google Datasets — https://cloud.google.com/public-datasets
• Google Dataset Search — https://datasetsearch.research.google.com/

For Companies/Business:



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